12/15  Bedlam BBQ ​  7-10pm 

610 NE 50th, OKC  

Live Shows

4200 Western, OKC 

Heart and Soul Music

Jane Mays is a singer-songwriter currently living in Oklahoma City. Her elegant piano songs with rich melodies thick with here and now relevance are coupled with the goldie locks drum beats of drummer Billy Tilman. The two are the core members of the Jane Mays Band. Their mission is to share love and life through their music. Catch a live show and you will hear soul-moving originals, plus covers from Fleetwood Mac & Joni Mitchell to Sarah Barielles, Ingrid Michaelson & Norah Jones

About Jane

12/16 VZD's Xmas Show     2pm

12/15  Leap X-mas Party  9-Noon